The TKI Token

The $TKI token is the cryptocurrency used to reward players in the TokenIdle game. Players can earn $TKI by playing the game on the platform and performing other actions.

The $TKI token can be traded on cryptocurrency exchange platforms, used to purchase NFTs on the TokenIdle marketplace, or held as a reward for their participation in the game. The $TKI token is a key component of the TokenIdle gaming experience.

Token functionality

A unique economy for players

The economy of TokenIdle is designed to offer a unique gaming experience to players by allowing them to earn cryptocurrency rewards for their participation in the game while using NFTs to play.


This mechanism offers an opportunity to generate passive income by investing in the $TKI token, enhancing its value and encouraging long-term participation in the TokenIdle ecosystem.

Play to earn

TokenIdle's play to earn system rewards players for their participation in the game using the cryptocurrency $TKI and NFTs. Players can earn $TKI rewards by playing the game, performing other actions on the platform, and using NFTs to play.

Learn how to use blockchain

TokenIdle provides a fun platform for learning about blockchain by allowing players to discover and interact with key blockchain concepts in a playful and interactive way. By using NFTs and the cryptocurrency $TKI to play, players can understand how tokens are created, traded, and used in a real-world application.

Gamified Finance

TokenIdle employs gamified finance to make learning about blockchain enjoyable and incentivizing by incorporating game concepts with financial services such as token creation and investment in a gaming environment.

Staking yield

Stacking TKI tokens in TokenIdle is a strategy that allows players to maximize their earnings by accumulating TKI tokens. By holding these tokens, players can receive annual returns based on the amount of tokens they own. Additionally, TKI tokens can also be used to purchase unique and exclusive NFTs within the game, further enhancing the value of their token portfolio. Hence, stacking TKI tokens is a lucrative option for players looking to maximize their gaming experience and financial returns in TokenIdle.

NFT & Competences

The special NFTs in TokenIdle allow players to validate their skills acquired over time in the game. By winning a special NFT, players can show the community their accomplishments and commitment to the game.
The validation of skills through special NFTs in TokenIdle therefore strengthens player motivation and satisfaction, encouraging them to continue their learning of the blockchain.

Staking NFT

Staking NFTs in TokenIdle is a way for players to support the platform by locking their NFTs for a predetermined period. In return, players can receive a reward in $TKI, the in-game cryptocurrency. This staking system allows players to maximize their investment in the game while also contributing to its growth and development. Additionally, staking NFTs provides players with an extra opportunity to engage with the TokenIdle community and interact with other players. By staking NFTs, players not only increase their chances of success in the game but also play a role in shaping the future of TokenIdle.

Token Burn

The token burn reduces supply of $TKI by burning 5% of each transaction volume. This increases scarcity, maintains $TKI value, and offers players a potential ROI. The token burning system offers players a unique investment opportunity.

NFT Marketplace

Players can purchase NFTs on the TokenIdle marketplace. This opens up a new world of virtual wealth-growing opportunities and allows players to own unique, verified in-game items.

Token Distribution Plan

Color Type of allocation Number of TKI tokens %
Private sale 100 000 000 TKI 10 %
Listing / Liquidity Pool 50 000 000 TKI 5 %
Founders & team 50 000 000 TKI 5 %
Communication & marketing 150 000 000 TKI 15 %
TokenIdle Rewards Ecosystem 650 000 000 TKI 65 %

TokenIdle is a play-to-earn game that uses NFTs and a cryptocurrency, $TKI, to reward players. Players can learn about blockchain technology and grow their virtual wealth by buying, selling, and trading NFTs on the in-game marketplace.